Episode 02.09: Candyman (2021)

We continue our Candyman discussion with the sequel/reimagining from 2021, directed by Nia DaCosta. Spoiler alert: we’re a little mixed on this one, with one half of the podcast warmer on it than the other. We cover the threads picked up from the original film, what has happened to Cabrini-Green and Chicago in the meantime and how this film takes on themes of historical racial violence and segregation more deliberately than the first.

Episode 02.09M: Candyman (1992)

In which we forget to determine ahead of time if the “say Candyman five times” rule still applies if you say it over the course of a podcast episode. If so, we’re doomed. But, before our doom, we discuss 1992’s Candyman. Topics include the history of Chicago’s structural racism, this story as gothic horror and the awesomeness of Tony Todd.

Strongly recommended reading: Steve Bogira’s 1987 Chicago Reader article about the real-life case that might have inspired parts of Candyman‘s storyline, “They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror.”

Episode 02.08: The Invitation

We continue our month-long cult discussion with Karyn Kusama’s 2015 The Invitation. We talk about the patterns of imprisonment, overwhelming grief and how this film’s cult deals with grief differently than the one in our earlier mini episode. Also which cult we would prefer to join, just in case we ever have to make that decision (you never know).

Episode 02.07: Suspiria (1977)

We continue our Suspiria discussion by taking a look at the original 1977 film, which we overall like better than the newer version. We talk about the context of giallo, the film’s visual and audio flair and the mysteries of the connections between women.

Episode 02.07M: Suspiria (2018)

This month we take on both incarnations of the Italian horror staple Suspiria, beginning with the 2018 version—of which, spoiler alert, we are not terribly fond. We’ll discuss what the new one adds and what the new one is missing, with a detour to praise performances and a couple of set pieces.

Episode 02.06: Images

Hallucinations, apparitions and doppelgangers, oh my. Director Robert Altman’s only foray into horror film is a rich psychological landscape where Susannah York battles fears, insecurities and reality itself. We discuss the various layers of theme and metaphor, the stunning contributions from the filmmaking team and the complex woman at the heart of the story. This is the kind of film we made this podcast for.

Episode S2.05: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

This month we talk about the grand dame of the “Grand Dame Guignol” genre: Robert Aldrich’s 1962 film, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? We discuss the horror the movies make of women aging, the twisted relationships between competive women and the dark psychology behind the demands of showbiz. Plus: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford gossip drama.

Episode S2.04: The Wailing

Strangers, ghosts, illnesses, possessions, impotence, murders and legends meet and mix in 2016’s The Wailing, an exquisite piece of South Korean folk horror. We discuss the film’s twists and turns, its intersection of religion and folklore, and the way it reflects and heightens the confusion of the modern world..