Episode 04.20: Shadow of the Vampire

We extend our discussion about silent horror films with one of the most interesting cinematic takes on the topic: 2000’s Shadow of the Vampire. Come for Willem Dafoe as the somewhat comical undead, stay for the subtext about what horrific sacrifices humans should make for the sake of art.

Episode 04.18: The ‘Burbs

The October theme is suburban horror, so what could we cover next but Tom Hanks’s journey through the wilds of having very weird and somewhat suspicious neighbors: 1989’s The ‘Burbs. Let us appreciate Joe Dante, Carrie Fisher and Dick Miller.

Episode 04.16: House

For our second entry in our haunted house theme, it’s time to get weird. We discuss one of the most gloriously bizarre horror movies there is: 1977’s House (otherwise known as Hausu). Ghosts, cats, and watermelons, oh my.

Episode 04.15: Skinamarink

We get experimental and existential with the minimalist horror of Skinamarink, the best low-budget way to relive your latchkey kid childhood trauma. Since this month’s episodes are tied to haunted houses, we also discuss the short internet art film My house walk-through, another very fun and chill exploration of how simple things can scare the hell out of us on film.

Episode 04.14: The Other Carries

Now that we’ve discussed the original Carrie, we decided to look at both remakes and, just for good measure, the sequel. So in this episode we’re talking about Carrie from 2002, Carrie from 2013, and The Rage: Carrie 2 from 1999, and, more importantly, what it is about this story that leads us back to it again and again.