Episode 03.01M: Wake in Fright

This month we’re discussing wide, open spaces and the horror lying in wait beyond civilization. So what better place to begin than with 1971’s Ozploitation classic, Wake in Fright. Topics include the facade of morality, the danger of the outcast and, um, kangaroo hunts.

Content warning! This film has very graphic scenes of violence against animals and we talk about it, in general terms, in the episode. Be aware if you haven’t seen the film yet.


Episode 02.09: Candyman (2021)

We continue our Candyman discussion with the sequel/reimagining from 2021, directed by Nia DaCosta. Spoiler alert: we’re a little mixed on this one, with one half of the podcast warmer on it than the other. We cover the threads picked up from the original film, what has happened to Cabrini-Green and Chicago in the meantime and how this film takes on themes of historical racial violence and segregation more deliberately than the first.


Episode 02.09M: Candyman (1992)

In which we forget to determine ahead of time if the “say Candyman five times” rule still applies if you say it over the course of a podcast episode. If so, we’re doomed. But, before our doom, we discuss 1992’s Candyman. Topics include the history of Chicago’s structural racism, this story as gothic horror and the awesomeness of Tony Todd.

Strongly recommended reading: Steve Bogira’s 1987 Chicago Reader article about the real-life case that might have inspired parts of Candyman‘s storyline, “They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror.”


Episode 02.08: The Invitation

We continue our month-long cult discussion with Karyn Kusama’s 2015 The Invitation. We talk about the patterns of imprisonment, overwhelming grief and how this film’s cult deals with grief differently than the one in our earlier mini episode. Also which cult we would prefer to join, just in case we ever have to make that decision (you never know).